Kree's Scales of War

Session 1
Session 21

The PCs met in a tavern wherin it was attacked by hob-goblins and goblins. Patrons were killed and a goblin threw a torch at the bar. Haltt the ranger managed to snipe down quite a few hob-goblins and goblins while Falakirk began burning swathes of fire through the monsters. Murtagh began cutting a path through the goblins to the door, and Barakas worked in perfect conjunction with Murtagh. The bar patrons began a bucket-brigade after the monsters were killed, and the PCs joined in when they saw a strange sight.

An ogre was chained to a cart, and was throwing barrels of pitch that exploded on impact. Two hob-goblins with bows were sitting in the cart, preparing and passing the barrels of pitch to the ogre. As Haltt shot a barrel it blew up, both Barakas and Murtagh charged the foul beast. To the cries of dismay from the cart, the stupid ogre threw a barrel in front of it in hopes of destroying the two companions. While it did not hit them, it did manage to deal a large amount to damage to Murtagh as Barakas seemed unaffected by the flames.

After destroying the ogre and its two compatriots (it really killed itself, pretty much), they rushed to the bridge, but they didn’t arrive in time.

The damage was assesed in the morning, and it was realized that some treasures from the Hall of Great Valor (a museam of sorts, to commemorate the Red Hand of Doom’s defeat), 7 people were taken prisoner, and buildings were damaged. The party met with Councilman Eoffram Troyas who recruited them in the service of Brindol, the town. They interrogated Morrik, a Red Hand hob-goblin prisoner, and got him to draw them a map to the lair.

Following the map, the party was ambushed by kruthiks, small beasts that tunnel through the earth. The kruthiks seemed happy to fight, and managed to claw Murtagh and Barakas who both charged the kruthiks. Before they could be even more hurt, Haltt had shot one down and Falakirk had burned quite a few of the kruthiks.

Weary from the fight but alive, the party continued to the den of the hob-goblins and rested outside the entrance.

While clearing through the tunnels, the PCs found some prisoners: Sertanian the museam keeper, the corpse of Kartenix, and Mirtala the cook. Mirtala had been terrified into not talking, and the PCs cut her bindings along with Sertanian’s. Another prisoner, Adronsius (a dwarven alchemist) was freed as the party managed to fight their way to him, past a grid of glowing runes.

The World
The World

The world is a dangerous place. While this is a known fact, it is also known that there is a rule, “Evolve or die.”

In this world, which is following the Scales of War Adventure Path (SCoW AP for short) which is being posted on a certain web-site on the internet.

Anyways, life is hard, but still maneagable. We’ll be playing in about 2 weeks, so I’m very hopeful. Characters are being made and we currently have (sorry, the names will be appearing shortly):

A fighter, a ranger, a warlord, and a wizard.

Thanks for those that have actually checked this out.


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